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Academic Forum Contents Volume 20 No.1

Academic Forum Contents Volume 20 No.1 -The Papers



Nigerian Academic Forum Volume 18 No. 2 , April 2010

Intensive study on the physicochemical characteristics of Ogba community rain water quality for a period of 3 years was carried out. The various physicochemical parameters studied include pH, turbidity, conductivity, total alkalinity, total suspended solids, total dissolved solids, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), chloride, iron, nitrate, sulphate and Dissolved Oxygen (DO). The results obtained from the investigation revealed that there were great differences in these rain water characteristics for each year.

Academic Forum Contributors and Content 18 No.2

The Contributors and Content of the Academic Forum Volume 18 No.2

Nigerian Academic Forum Volume 19 No. 2, Nov. 2010

Education is the prime driver of sustainable development. All aspects of education have critical roles to play in achieving sustainable development. The roles of the following aspects of education in sustainable development have been examined in this paper:.

Multidisciplinary Journal Of Academic Excellence Volume 3 No. 1, Dec. 2010

Nigerian parents are complacent about rearing their wards properly. It is to many, a choice than a mandate. It is very glaring that most Nigerian children are into child labour as many of them, often under aged, are thrown into the streets to beg and in the bars as sale girls and house helps where they are later integrated into full-blown prostitutes by middle men who took them from their parents under the pretext of helping them make ends meet. Parents have always exonerated themselves via flimsy excuse, stressing that, it’s God that protects children.

Academic Forum 19 No3

Academic Forum 19 No 3

ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP JOURNAL Volume 2 No. 2 September, 2010

ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP JOURNAL Volume 2 No. 2 September, 2010

Academic Schoolarship Journals Volume 2 No. 3, Sept. 2010

This paper examined counselling for special need populations in Nigeria. Concepts of counselling and special need populations were examined. National educational goals as indicated in National Policy on Education (2004) were enumerated. Importance of counselling the special need populations was highlighted. Personnel involved in counselling the special need populations were enumerated to include: school administrators, guidance counsellors, teachers, learners, supervisors of schools, government and parent teachers’ association.

Nigerian Academic Forum Volume 20 No.1, April 2011

English is the medium of instruction from Primary four to secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Teachers of all subjects are therefore expected to be proficient in use of English to ensure effective teaching-learning. Before graduation from Colleges of Education, the students must have participated in teaching practice successful at the Primary and Junior Secondary School levels. Some principals reject student-teachers posted to their schools on the ground of lack of proficiency in English to teach effectively by the student-teacher.

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