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Qualitative Education Volume 6 No.3

The discussion about skills acquisition should not be limited to psycho-motor skills, scientific and technical skills, and mechanical and technical know-how. It needs also to focus on mental skills acquisition. One of such skills that are vital to the survival of any society is critical political thinking skills. This is a skill that can be taught and learnt. This is a skill that the educational system at all levels should impart unto students. For this to be effectively done teachers-educatee need to be educated in the critical tools of political philosophy. Philosophy, political philosophy inclusive is a critical and rational enquiry that investigates subjects like justice, equality, tolerance, etc. This paper investigates the critical role that political philosophy can play in imparting critical political skills through the Nigerian educational system. The purpose of course is to create highly enlightened and politically awakened citizenry. The paper will also make recommendations on the need for teacher-educate to be trained on the skills of critical thinking and propose how curriculum needs to be informed by these values.

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