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Knowledge Review Volume 22 No.1,April 2011

Pupils‘ performance in grammar and English in general at the elementary school seems to be poor on graduation in Kano State and the nation at large. The situation has caused public complaints for solution. Despite the efforts of the Federal Government and assistance from World Bank, there seems to be not much progress. This study investigated teacher effectiveness and pupils‘ performance in grammar at primary six in Kano State through assessment in the teaching of grammar and pupils‘ achievement via self-perception assessment of the teacher, observer‘s assessment of the teachers‘ and pupils‘ written assessment test marked by the teachers themselves. Simple percentage and chi-square statistics were used for data analysis. The findings revealed that most teachers lack competence in English grammar for effectiveness in teaching and pupils‘ achievement. Recommendations like retraining of teachers and reviewing of NCE programme to meet the current realities at the primary schools were made for implementation to enable achievement.

Dr. Orame S.P. Alaku

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