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Knowledge Review Volume 21 No.2, Dec. 2010

This research investigated the impact of the internal accounting policies of the Monrovia Breweries, Inc. on its recovery plan from the period 2001 to 2006. Just after the war, the growth rate of the industry was slow and sometimes negative; thus management developed these policies to revert the situation. In order to assess the impact of these policies it was necessary to do this study. The case study method was selected, as a Methodology, with Monrovia Breweries Inc. as the focus. Purposive sampling was also used to select a sample of 75 employees of the Brewery from a population of 164. Questionnaires and Interviews were also used to collect primary data while documents, books and the internet provided secondary data for the research. The findings revealed that the policies put in place by management were good and had begun to yield good results. Among other things, it was recommended that the company assess current risk management before embarking on a program of change. It was also recommended that the Board always reach a consensus about what are the significant risks to strategic objectives before formulating new policies to regulate any activities.

Nelson C. Oniyama (Ph.D.)

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