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Frequently Asked Questions

 Is Global Academic Group (GAG) Journals open access journals?

  How Do I Submit an article or Paper in any of the Journals in GAG?

How long does it take GAG to Review an article or Paper?

I made a Submission to GAG and I have not received any Notification even after many days of Submission or the stated Reviewed period!

Do the Affiliates/Associations/Journals Provide Certificate for Authors?

How do contributors download and print their scanned vetted papers, that was sent to their email?

How do we Print Acceptance letter sent to us(Authors) from GAG?

What is your Publication Fee?

  Do GAG issue official Acceptance Letter to Authors?

 Do GAG Send the PDF Copy of the Reviewed manuscript before the final publication?

Do GAG Provide Hard Copy?

How do i or my reviewer check if am a Google Scholar?

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How do i create a search alert with Google Scholar?

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