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Multidisciplinary Journal Of Academic Excellence Volume 3 No. 1, Dec. 2010

Nigerian parents are complacent about rearing their wards properly. It is to many, a choice than a mandate. It is very glaring that most Nigerian children are into child labour as many of them, often under aged, are thrown into the streets to beg and in the bars as sale girls and house helps where they are later integrated into full-blown prostitutes by middle men who took them from their parents under the pretext of helping them make ends meet. Parents have always exonerated themselves via flimsy excuse, stressing that, it’s God that protects children. Some parents still breed more children than they can cater for. As a last resort, the case of proper rearing of the child rests on the school. This state of hopelessness creeps in leading the child away from the societal values as the schools has limited value to offer. Investing in children determines the tomorrow of a nation. Indeed this is predicated on the maxim that children are future leaders. Indeed the pathetic sight of child labour in Nigeria has, no doubt, reached an alarming rate with Government doing less or nothing about it. The paper therefore examines the various forms of child labour, causes of child labour and suggests ways of ending it.

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