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Nigerian Academic Forum Volume 18 No. 2 , April 2010

Intensive study on the physicochemical characteristics of Ogba community rain water quality for a period of 3 years was carried out. The various physicochemical parameters studied include pH, turbidity, conductivity, total alkalinity, total suspended solids, total dissolved solids, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), chloride, iron, nitrate, sulphate and Dissolved Oxygen (DO). The results obtained from the investigation revealed that there were great differences in these rain water characteristics for each year. The variation in the rain water characteristics can be attributed to the daily gas flaring. The community of Ogba is also facing a serious problem due to the pollution resulting from the crude oil exploration, exploitation, production, gas flaring and spillage. Realizing the depth and importance of this problem, an experimental study was carried out to get a quantitative estimation of various physicochemical parameters in rain water in Ogba community. In the present study physicochemical characteristics of the rain water samples collected from different communities within the vicinity of Ogba are presented. The results give a picture about the nature and characteristics of the rain water quality in the community of Ogba land.