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The Intuition Vol. 1 No. 1


ISSN: 2276 - 9692

1. Issues and Challenges of Ethiopian Female Labour Migrants to the Middle East - Firehiwot Wujira

2. Ethics and Accountability in Local Government in Nigeria -Dr. Akpanim Ntekim Ekpe

3. Lexicography An Indispensable Document for Language Standardization -Dr. Joshua Azubuike Nweke, Ph.D.

4. Customer Relationship Management: A Strategic Imperative in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Nigeria
-Dr. Joseph I. Uduji

5. Classroom Behaviours of Male and Female Teachers of Science Subjects in Senior Secondary Schools -Dr. M. F. Omodara; Dr. M. S. Omirin and Dr. J. A. Oluwatayo

6. Enhancing Forestry Education through E-Learning and Open Access Education -J. S. Alao and S. A. Alao

7. Environmental Protection for Agricultural Production in Nigeria: Needs and Strategies -Dr. J. F. O. Akpomedaye, Ph.D.

8. Intervention Design Framework on Advocacy Promotion for Enhancing Basic Education in Nursery/Primary Schools -Dr. A. N. Uduchukwu

9. Effective Time Management: A Panacea for Higher Productivity in Organisations -Angela N. Okolo

10. Images of Scientists: The Perceptions of Senior School Students -Patrick Chukwuemeka Igbojinwaekwu, Ph.D.

11. A Study of the NBTE New Office Technology and Management Curriculum for Nigerian Polytechnics: An Analysis of Entrepreneurship Development -Dr. Robert A. Esene

12. Predicting Students’ Performance in Mathematics from their Performances in Physics and Chemistry in the Nigerian Secondary Schools: Implications for Technical Education (A Case of Multiple Correlation/Regression) - Hogan Usoro, Ph.D.; G. A. Akpan, Ph.D.; A. A. Akpan, Ph.D. and Essien A. Okoro, Ph.D

13. The Effects of Crude Oil Pollution on Horticultural Crops in Rivers State, Nigeria (Revised Version) -Dr. ThankGod Peter Ojimba and Dr. Apele Graham Iyagba

14. A Review of the Integrated Approach to Insect Pest Management in Agriculture -Aku Ayuba Ambi

15. State, Civil Society and Democratization in Nigeria -Olumide Awofeso and Samuel Olugbemiga Afolabi

16. Learner Motivation: A Means of Achieving Proficiency AmongNigerian Learners of English -Geraldine I. Nnamdi-Eruchalu

17. Application of Cybernetics System in Management Science and Technology Practices -Emmanuel I. Ibordor

18. Challenges of Credit Guarantee Scheme for Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Nigeria -Zakariya Bah Miasamari

19. The Impact of Motivation on Academic Staff Productivity in the Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe – Oghara -Patience Itabita Johnson; Moses Ekaruwe and Godwin Edafe Matthew

20. Teacher Characteristics as a Correlate of Students’ Performance in Financial Accounting -A. A. Akinkuolie and R. A. O. Orifa

21. Creativity Scores and Performance in Mathematics: Towards Vision 20:2020 -Dr. Elizabeth I. D. Offor

22. Refocusing the Relevance of Science, Technology and Mathematics (STM) Education to Development of Entrepreneurial Skills: The Nigerian Situation -Dr. Christy O. Nwachukwu; Uche P. Nwachukwu and Chike P. Nwachukwu

23. Indigenous Agricultural Techniques and Calendar of the Nupe Peasant Farmers of Nigeria in the Pre-Colonial Period -Dr. Iyela Ajayi