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VOLUME 5 NO. 1, JUNE , 2012

ISSN: 2141 4807


1. Agricultural Extension as a Strategy to Boost Food Production in Nigeria - J. F. O. Akpomedaye,(Ph.D)

2. Farmers’ Perception and Adoption of Mass Media Advertising of Agricultural Produce in Anambra State - Dr. Joseph I. Uduji and Onyinyechi R. Chijionwu

3. Physical Properties of Katsi-Cement Pozzolanic Mortar - S. P. Ejeh and O. B. Ella

4. Attitude of Secondary School Students’ Towards Teenage Pregnancy - E. N. Nwalado; S. Obro and J. N. Ofuasia

5. Making National Certification Count for Recognising the Skill Acquisition Attainment of Niger Delta Ex-Militant Trainees under the Amnesty Programme in Nigeria - Kabiru Mohammed Badau, Ph.D.

6. Problems of Gender Imbalance in School Enrolment in Nigeria - Dr. Obodoegbulam Agi Otto and Samuel C. Obasi

7. The Place of Noise Pollution in Environmental Protection in Nigeria - C. I. Emelie

8. Issues in English Language Teaching and Learning: Problems and Prospects - Vero-Ekpris Gladstone Urujzian

9. Rotational Bush Fallow Cultivation and Environmental Degradation as an Impediment to Food Security in Nigeria: The Problem in Cross River State - Raymond Ekam Matiki

10. Socio-Economic Variables as Correlate the Menace of Child Abuse in Ika South and North-East Local Government Areas of Delta State, Nigeria - Augustine Kemekwele Ototo

11. Gender Issues in Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria - A. Adeeko; J. O. Bifarin; A. I. Ogunyinka; L. O. Omoniyi; M. O. Umunna; O. B. Adewoyin; A. M. Akomolafe and O. S. Ademilua

12. Technology Versus Environment: A Race between Development and Catastrophe; Which will Win the Race? - Okon Akpakpan Udoh

13. Profitability Analysis of Fuelwood Marketing in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State - E. O. Akerele and J. O. Y. Aihonsu

14. Infertility: Implication for Social Health Promotion - C. U. Nwankwo and Dr. E. J. Ibeagha

15. Isolation and Mass Culture of Freshwater Rotifer (Branchionus calyciflorus) Using Different Organic Media -Jerimoth Kesena Ekelemu