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Training And Management of Draught Animals as A Requisite for Optimum Utilization In Northern Nigeria-D. H. Nyako; M. S. Yahaya; A. G. Bobbo and I. S. Usman 1 – 6

The Challenges and Prospects of Participative Management in Nigeria- Dr. T.M. Fapohunda 7 – 14

Mathematical Model for the Prediction of Dissolved Oxygen Kinetics for Dry Season Degradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon In Pond System
-C.P. Ukpaka ; H. A. Ogoni; S.A. Amadi and A. J. Akor 15 – 35

Potentials And Constrains of Soil and Water Quality Under Small Scale Irrigation In Lake Geriyo Irrigation Project, Yola Adamawa State-A.H. Hong; Y. T. Ibrahim; H. U. Kabri and I. A. Sani 36 – 42

Problems Inhibiting Effective Teaching and Learning of Some Physics-Related Concepts In Primary School Science Curriculum in Jos Metropolis- Isa Shehu Usman 43 -50

Effect of Timing in Mathematics Tests on Students’ Achievement in Makurdi Metropolis- E. I. O’kwu (Ph.D) and P. I. Anyagh 51 – 55

Exploring And Exploiting DVDs’ Extra Features In The Language Class S. O. Kuponiyi 56 – 67

Consumer Health Knowledge and Sources of Consumer Health Information of Secondary School Students In Akwa Ibom State, NigeriaC. U. Atiatah (Ph. D) 68 – 75

Theories of Phrenology, Eugenics, Neology and Birth Control in Nigeria- J. O. Ireyefoju (Ph. D) 76 – 81

Assessment of Cooperative Principles and Survival Strategies Among Thrift and Credit Society Members In Yewa North Local Government Area, Ogun State- Ezekiel O. Akerele 82 - 91

Problems and Prospects of Implementing The National Policy on Education (2004)-Sunday Ernest Edobor 92 – 99

Assessment of the Predictive Validity of UME Scores on Academic Performance of Science University Undergraduates-M. F.Omodara 100 – 104

Growth and Yield Response of Sugarcane (S Officinarum) Under Different Irrigation Regimes and Nitrogen Rates- M. S. Yahaya; A. M. Falaki;
E. B. Amans and D. B. Ishaya 105 - 112

The Shift From Directed Agricultural Credit to a Financial Market Development Approach to Finance-M. G. Maiangwa 113 – 120

Effectiveness of the Computer as an ICT Device for Teaching and Learning Science In Schools- Obiageli Grace Ngwu 121 – 126

Assessment of Common Faults Associated with Household ElectronicAppliances- O. A. Akinsanya; C. O. Okereke and T. R. Ayodele 127 – 131

An Appraisal of the Objectives of Vocational Business Teacher Education in Nigerian Institutions- Dr. Robert A. Esene 132 – 141

Implementation Issues in Science Education: Problems and Prospects- C. O. Sekegor; A. Agadaigho and P. Ogaga 142 – 146

Problems And Prospects of Implementing Science and Technology for Qualitative Education In Nigerian Schools-Grace Effiong Udongwo 147 – 152

The Dangers of Child Marriage in Nigeria Dr. Muhammad Sanusi Abdul 153 – 158

Retraining the Physical Education Teachers: Leadership Competencies for Effective Programme Implementation In Nigerian Schools-Augustine T. Abiata 166 – 171

The Effect of Feeding Gliricidia Leaf Meal (GLM)on the Haematological, Serological and Carcass Characteristics of Weaned Rabbits in the Tropics- I.A. Amata 172 – 177

Challenges For The 21st Century Teacher Education-Ibrahim Mohammed Gandu 178 -182