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Exploring the Assets in Entrepreneurship Programme in Promoting Universal Basic Education for Attaining The Goals Intrinsic in Nigeria’s Vision 2020-Prof. C. C. Okam
and Samuel Matthew Gele, (Esq) 1 - 11

Towards Realization of National Objectives of Vision 2020 in Nigeria through Entrepreneurial and Functional Fine and
Applied Art Education
-Dr. G. Ogonna Onwuzo and
O. E. Okpala

Quality Indicators (QI) for the Success of Universal Basic Education (UBE) in Nigeria-Ibiwumi Abiodun Alade and Abiodun Ayanlola Ayandele 17 - 23

Entrepreneurial and Functional Biology Education: Veritable Tools for Achieving the National Objectives of Vision 20:2020- M. O. Umeh and J.N. Achufusi 24 - 29

Music Education for Job Creation and Sustainable National Development in Nigeria- Julie Norense Agbidi 30 - 34

Education in the Information Age: Global Challenges and Enhancement Strategies for Achievement of Vision 2020 in Nigeria- A. A. Agbaje, (Ph.D) 35 - 45

Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Components of Home Economics Education in N.C.E. Curriculum for Achieving Vision 2020-AzumiSaidu 46 - 51

Entrepreneurial Non-Formal Education Towards Achieving Workplace’s Productivity- A. A. Ambode 52 - 58

Functional and Qualitative Social Studies Education in Achieving Vision 2020 in Nigeria-O. O. Olowo and M. M. Arogunrerin 59 - 65

Visual Art as the Core of Life: Panacea for Technological and Scientific Development of Nigeria in the Context of Vision 20:2020-Joseph A. Mamani 66 - 71

Coordinating and Utilizing Research Findings for Sustainable National Development- Dr. Mbia Stephen Mbia 72 - 77

Product Advertising: An Exploration into Product Package Design in Nigeria- Benjamin Ande Ogunlade 78 - 84

Adult Education and Nigerian Education System: The Consequence of Neglect and Agenda for Action in the 21st Century- Solomon Iheonunekwu; Augustine Okereke Ogwudire and Onyinye Rock Eze 85 - 92

Optimization of Entrepreneurship through E-Services
-Anthony John 93 - 97

Strategies for Empowering Unemployed Housewives through Home Economics Entrepreneurial Skills for Vision 20: 2020- Lydia Amos Adamu 98 - 103

Entrepreneurial and Functional Mathematics Education as a Means of Achieving the National Objective of Vision 2020 in Nigeria-David Amokaha Aboho, (Ph.D) and Rebecca Funmilayo Akula 104 - 109

Impacts of Communication on Marital Dysfunction in the Family- Harrison Obi Ibude 110 – 116

Aggressive Tendencies and Academic Performance among Students in Public Secondary Schools in Uyo Urban - C. C. Okoro, (Ph. D); J. O. Adunoye and P. I. Egwuasi 117 – 124

Reverence for Public Opinion Pooling: A Panacea for Leadership Problems in Nigeria- Matthew Mom 125 – 130

Implementation of Vocational Education Programmes and the Reality of Vision 2020: The Challenges- Alice Gabriel Etuk 131 – 138

Basic Sciences and Curricula Review for Engineering Education in Nigeria to Meet Global Standards- K. Emumejaye and D. Osiga-Aibangbee 139 – 145

Constraints to Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Anambra State Secondary Schools- Esther E. Odigwe 146- 153

Entrepreneurial and Functional Social Studies/Citizenship Education as a Means of Achieving the National Objectives of Vision 2020 in Nigeria- Terna Vincent Tavershima 154-159

Issues of Class-Size and Mathematics Achievement in Schools - Omaiye James Ojonubah and N. A. Buari 160 – 167

Creative Accounting Practices and its Asphyxiating Impact on Income Tax Compliance by Firms in Delta State - Blessing Onoriode Uge and Festus Chukwunwendu
Akpotohwo(Ph.D) 168 – 174