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Volume 3 No. 4

ISSN 1596 – 974x

Towards Effecting Conceptual Shift: An Analysis of Students' Conceptual framework about Photosynthesis and Respiration-R. M. O Samba (Ph. D) and C. O. A bah

Bridging the Gap in National Development: A Case for Girt-Child Education- Okeke, E. C. (Ph.D)

Fine and Applied Arts- Lubricant to the Wheel of National Development-Adeniyi Adediran

Measurement of Technical Efficiency of Private Cocoa Farmers in lddo Local Government Area of Oyo State- Alabi, R. A and A. A. Osifo

The German Factor in European Economic and Political Integration -Laz Etemike

Igbo Tongue-Twisters; A Linguistic Perspective -Obed Ojukwu and Annestacia Igwe

Primary Education Teacher Preparation for National Development -Ezugwu, G. G

Globalization and Development in Nigeria -Dr J. E. Tabotndip

Teachers' Perception on the Adoption of Micro-Computer for Teaching and Learning of Sciences: Its Implication for National Development-Ifeakor, Amaechi C

Technology Education and National Development: Any Hope for the Hearing Impaired-E, F. Adeloye (Mrs)

The Place of Vocational and Technical Education in Universal Basic Education- Ononamadu, E. O.

Science and Technology Education and National Development -Nwadibia, F. O

Mathematics Education and National Development - Eunice N. Anumudu (Mrs)

Privatisation and Development- Oyovwi O. Dickson

Curriculum Development in Creative Arts Education for Junior Secondary School (JSS)- Omenka, John O.

Business Education: An Imperative For National Development-Okoli, D. I and Oduh, J. O.

The Role of Vocational Education in National Development: Problems and Solutions- Imeh U. Akpan

Technology Education and National Development -Okeke, Mercy Nonyerem

Utilisation of Career Counselling Education for National Development-D. A Mattaga

The Sylow P- Subgroups of the Symmetric Group- Attah, Felix

The Impact of Computer Education on National Development -Amah, Matthew Ngozi

Universal Basic Education: The Panacea for National Development
-Jimoh-Kadiri, S. O (Mrs) and Osagie, C.I (Mrs)

The Military and Democratic Governance in Nigeria- Dr M. E. Okpala

Simulation, Games, Use of Toys and Recreational Studies in Teaching Mathematics-Usman Ochoyi and Ronald Filibus Kabutu

Globalization and National Development-Ngozi Anyachonkeya (Mr)

Essence, Relevance and Challenges of Computer Programming to Library and Information Services- Patricia O. Okoro

Mathematics Education: A Prerequisite for National Development -Onyeneho, Comfort C. (Mrs)

Functionality and Relevance of Technology and Home Economics Education to National Development- Uzoka, F. A and Okafor, P. O

Taking the "Distance" out of Distance Education: The Information Technology (IT) Approach- Mrs Ezeano, Victoria N; Ezeauo, Nnaemeka A; M. E Aguwa, and Walter Aneke-Oku

Teenage Pregnancy and Its Effects on the Reproductive Health of Teenage Girls: A Case Study of Adamawa State- Mrs Shatima Leatu and Wayo Ibrahim